For 21 years now, Heeley Trust has been working to improve public spaces, secure buildings and other assets for the community and deliver all kinds of projects for the people who live here and beyond...

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Who we are

Heeley Trust is a community anchor, a charity working in Heeley and Meersbrook, a local employer with a team of around 30 staff and we’re lucky to have the invaluable support of an even bigger team of volunteers. We’re local, committed to this area and the wellbeing of the people who live here.

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Why we're here

We are here to make lasting change. We believe in community ownership and bottom-up approaches to economic and social issues. Our projects may look diverse but at their heart they all seek to be....

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It might have started with some derelict land, but now there’s so much more to the work of Heeley Trust. These are our main current projects, the things we make possible: