Why we’re here

We are here to make lasting change. We believe in community ownership and bottom-up approaches to economic and social issues. Our projects may look diverse but at their heart they all seek to be independent, not-for-profit, led by local people and they are all about Place – delivering key ingredients of a successful “whole” neighbourhood.


We deliver services that genuinely improve local lives and prospects: like supporting older people to feel included and confident to access new services online, or helping people to find training and work, or keeping them commuting by bike and keeping active.


We built and maintain a beautiful, well-managed network of parks and green spaces. Parks are our lungs, our playgrounds, a place to encounter and a refuge for wildlife and for people alike. They add value to our homes and businesses and attract investment. They are often taken for granted, often abused, their maintenance the first budget to be cut – not in Heeley!


We are developing a thriving community asset base: tackling dereliction and neglect, creating spaces to learn, thrive, run a business or access services. We are celebrating our heritage, creativity and art.

Community ownership of assets is crucial – it gives power, permanence and responsibility. Assets like SUM Studios generate income which we reinvest in the landscape around them; an upward spiral and a resilient economy!